Dishing London

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For anyone looking for new dining options, ‘tis the season to go exploring.

Londonlicious, the Blizzard Edition, launches January 12 and continues to February 4. During that time over 30 local restaurants will be offering special menus with set prices of $30, $35 and $40. Consumers choose from a selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts to put together their own three-course meal.

“Everyone should have more than just one restaurant they know is good,” says Londonlicious organizer Andy Wilson.

He believes people often stick to someplace they know rather than risk hard-earned dollars on an expensive eatery they might not like. But with the fixed prices during Londonlicious, the risk isn’t as great.

“It offers an opportunity to try something new.”

A list of restaurants and menus can be found online at http://londonlicious. ca/. Wilson advises checking those out and then making a reservation since, after a decade, the annual event is well-known and sold-out crowds are a common occurrence.