Playing with fire

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"Promotion, production, prosperity"

In a world of disconnect, nurtured by electronics, live theatre is a refreshing upgrade. And few do it better than the London Fringe Festival.

The 18th annual London Fringe runs May 30 to June 10 in locations across downtown London and Old East Village. Dedicated to the promotion, production and prosperity of independent artists, the London Fringe will host close to 50 theatre companies and 30 visual artists.

Executive producer Kathy Navackas says, “Theatre and live performance art is such an important experience.” She extols the value of shared laughter and emotion.

Venue sizes vary from an intimate 40 seats to an inclusive 300. The maximum ticket price is $14, and most shows are 60 minutes in length. Artists are chosen by lottery.

National performer Mike Delamont, of God is a Scottish Drag Queen fame, is back with Mama’s Boy which he describes as “a true story of addiction, music and love.”

International real life couple – they met at the Fringe – Martin Dockery and Vanessa Quesnelle and their company Concrete Drops offer a fast-paced, two-character play Love Is A Battlefield.

Not sure what to see? Jump start your Fringe experience with the Performer Showcase at the Palace Theatre on Tuesday, May 30 for a free taste of each show.

And don’t forget to feast your eyes on the visual art on exhibit at The Arts Project.