Taste Tripping

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"Travel around the world without leaving London"

The ability to travel at will is one of the boons of having spare time and money. But if the long winter has you feeling blue and short on both, London offers a plethora of options to take your taste buds on a trip to a different country every day of the week.

If the cold weather has you craving filling comfort food then a jaunt to Poland is in order to take in some hearty fare. For the best perogies you may have ever eaten, a unique take on borscht (broth only) or succulent cabbage rolls, Unique Food Attitudes is serving up simply delicious Polish victuals in a trendy, modern environment.

When you’re hungry for Hungarian fare, try the schnitzel with spaetzli or goulash at Budapest Restaurant. Cozy banquettes surrounded by red velvet curtains transport diners across the ocean and back in time.

Travel to warmer climes of Greece with a stop at Mykonos Restaurant. There are both appetizer and main dish platters to try a variety of the fresh tastes of this island’s fare. Fire things up with a plate of flaming saganaki accompanied by a glass of tart Retsina wine.

Across the Mediterranean Sea, Italians make their own pasta, just like Tuscano’s Pizzeria and Bistro. They serve it in a variety of forms with fresh, delicious sauces. Alternatively, try one of their enormous and tasty panzerottis.

Heading to Asia, a stop into Mai’s Café and Bistro is a visit to flavour town. Mai’s Thai food – such as the green curry, pad Thai or mango chicken – are all taste treats. The tom yum and coconut soups warm up chilly spring lunches. You’ll be charmed by the atmosphere of this cozy eatery and its Thai-garbed servers.

To taste the best of Vietnamese fare, enjoy dinner or lunch at Tamarine by Quynh Nhi. It is named for the tamarind fruit used in several traditional dishes that are served in clay hot pots.

Start your meal with canh chua soup, also known as the Vietnamese version of hot and sour soup, to warm up from a chilly walk in the core. The basil beef is also truly special.

The elegance of regency India is expressed in the décor and stately manners of the waiters at Raja. Exotic offerings begin with a tray of spicy, savoury and sweet condiments are served with papadum, best consumed with a Indian Kingfisher beer. A little more adventurous? Ask for your butter chicken to be served extra spicy. The saag paneer is a vegetarian specialty that is delightful.

Middle Eastern flavours are unleashed at Paramount Fine Foods. Dip enormous, football-shaped pitas - served right out of the oven - in fresh hummus to stave off hunger pangs. Try the mixed grill plate to enjoy a variety of meat offerings. The skewers of shish taouk and kafta will make your taste buds sing.

The downtown fine dining scene has come alive with lively Latin American flavours at Che Resto Bar. The rib eye steak is pumped up with chimichurri sauce and is served with yucca fries, while the mole sauce on the roasted chicken is a savoury trip to South America.

No trip around the world would be complete without heading to Africa for a safari of flavour. Using pieces of injera bread to scoop up spicy meat chunks or lentil and veggie mixes from the combo tray (order it to try a bit of everything) make dining at Addis Ababa Restaurant a kinetic experience. Ethiopian coffee beans are roasted, ground and served in a jebena; a wonderful way to top off your meal.