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Add New Dimensions to Movie Night

It has been a long winter and we’ve supported our local restaurants with weekly (or admit it, more often) takeaway dinners.

An evening of sipping a glass of Chianti or Barolo and quickly grabbing a piece of the bread you just pulled out of the oven to sop up some sauce are the perfect accompaniments to a delicious ordered-in pasta, while watching an old favourite like Under the Tuscan Sun. Or, ordering savoury moussaka and crispy calamari, to enjoy with the diminutive bottle of Retsina that you picked up on a whim at the liquor store, is a great way to travel to Greece while watching a newer offering – A Trip to Greece (a hilarious and poignant mockumentary with luscious scenery).

But sometimes our tastebuds need a bit of a fresh tickle to remind us of what lovely flavours exist in the greater world, and we desire to create something new and different for movie night at home.

Until we’re able to travel, the fresh flavours of foreign lands will have to comfort us and assure us that our tongues have great journeys to make. And for our comedic pleasure, this dish will perfectly accompany your movie night choice of Crazy, Rich Asians.

(serves four)

16 oz. Beef striploin, trimmed (fat and silver skin removed)

1/4 cup Light soy sauce
2 tbsp. Canola oil
2 tbsp. Thai fish sauce
1 tbsp. Fresh lime juice
1 tbsp. Brown sugar
1 tbsp. Fresh garlic chopped
1 tbsp. Fresh ginger chopped
1 tsp. Ground coriander
1 tsp. Ground cumin

2 tbsp. Mayo
1 tsp. Curry powder
1 tbsp. Lemon grass paste
1 tbsp. Thai fish sauce
1 tsp. Brown sugar or honey


  • Cut beef striploin into 1/2-inch wide, 1/8-inch thick, six-inch long strips.
  • Pound strips very lightly with a meat hammer.
  • Marinate strips for about two to three hours in large zip lock bag.
  • Thread marinated strips onto bamboo or metal skewer.
  • Place on a hot grill pan or barbecue grill and cook for two to three minutes per side.
  • Remove satays from the heat, brush lightly with a sweet soy glaze (oyster flavoured sauce).
  • Place on a serving platter. Serve with flash fried lotus root slices, fresh cilantro and Thai lemon grass aioli.
  • Sprinkle with sesame seeds to garnish.