Simpson’s Fence uses a long-lasting, low-maintenance vinyl material that looks like wood and comes in a variety of colours to match home or backyard features.

Vacation at home in your own outdoor dream space

flower gate gate

Red Iron Design specializes in custom metalwork that allows for inclusion of intricate designs and shapes, like flowers, butterflies and decorated panels, in gates and fences.

More homeowners are spending time and money creating or expanding their own ‘vacation destination’ in the backyard as the pandemic wears on.

This includes adding decorative fencing, gates and structures that make staying closer to home a true pleasure.


RED IRON DESIGN creates elaborate wrought iron fencing that is particularly appropriate for heritage properties.

There has always been a demand for fencing, but it has increased in the past couple of years, says Matt Simpson, manager of Simpson’s Fence in London and third-generation member of the family business that has been enclosing properties across Southwestern Ontario for 70-plus years.

back deck
Form-A-Fence uses a vinyl material resembling wood that requires little or no maintenance when installing decks and backyard structures.

“Folks are spending more time in their backyards as they’re travelling less, so there’s been a good number of renovations, such as pools, that need fencing,” Simpson says.

Simpson’s Fence is finding an increasing demand for backyard fencing as homeowners add pools and other features to their outdoor living spaces.

Ruud Terpstra, owner of Form-AFence, also sees more demand for bigger backyard projects that incorporate sophisticated features made from lowmaintenance materials. His company designs and installs fencing, decks and garden features, like gazebos and arbours.

“People are putting more money into sustainable products outside, which is an extension of their living space more than it used to be,” agrees Terpstra.

Knowing that clients do not want to spend time and money maintaining their exterior living spaces, both Form-A-Fence and Simpson’s Fence use a vinyl material that resembles wood – with a textured, grained finish – that is low-maintenance, comes with a life-time warranty and is available in variety of colours.

Form-A-Fence uses this product on smaller projects, like decks, and on larger ones, like rebuilding the bell tower on the Strathroy Town Hall. Simpson’s Fence also offers ornamental wrought iron in its installations. It is a popular choice when combined with long-lasting, less expensive chain-link fencing. The latter is available in galvanized (silver) or coloured finishes: black, brown or white.


Simpson’s Fence works with clients and landscapers who want to create elaborate fences, blending and coordinating colours and styles.

Ever popular white picket fences, installed by Forma-AFence, are now nearly maintenance-free with no need to re-paint regularly.

“We’ll use ornamental iron in the front, where it’s more visible, mixed with black chain link along the sides and back where it’s needed more to keep animals out or dogs in.”

Wrought iron is the exclusive specialty at Red Iron Design, where partners Robert Bobinac and Katie Westervelt design and create custom metalwork. “For backyards, the most common thing we do is a focal point of some sort – a trellis or an arbour or a sculpture,” Westervelt says.

Red Iron Design often incorporates inserts of stained glass and other materials into its custom gates and fences.

Homeowners often fence an entire yard, but it can be pricey, adds Westervelt, so they often use prefabricated metal fencing for the perimeter but want to elevate the look. Red Iron can add decorative gates and other decorative pieces to the front of the property.

Form- A-Fence is seeing greater demand for large backyard transformations with the addition of focal point structures, like gazebos.

Prompted by a desire to spend time in the safety of their own backyards instead of travelling, many homeowners are improving their outdoor spaces with luxury features.

It is important to pay attention to entry ways, she says. “A thoughtfully designed entrance can set the tone for the space and create a welcoming feel, similar to how one would emphasize the entrance to their home. A beautifully designed garden gate is the focal point for the entrance.

It can preview the design of the backyard space and complement the architecture of the home.” With their custom designs, Bobinac says Red Iron can create any shape the client desires. They often add a variety of decorative accents, such as stained-glass inserts. “We are working on one now that’s a modern design, with copper inserts in the corners.”

Form-A-Fence’s Terpstra notes that they can create vinyl inserts for fences and garden structures in different shapes, like butterflies. “We can put the design in the computer and have it cut out for you in any shape, as long as we can get the design in the computer.”