Fall into fashion

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"Autumn trends are cool, colourful and comfortable"

The calendar may still say summer, but now is a great time to review what’s new and start planning your fall wardrobe.

“New fashions can seem extreme when first viewed on the runways or in magazines, but by the time they arrive in store, the trends have morphed into very wearable clothes that will update and freshen your personal style,” says Darlene Sharpe, the assistant buyer and manager at Susan J Fashions.

A handful of fall fashion must-haves and a few shots of seasonal colour are likely all that’s needed to bring your wardrobe up to speed.

Stalwart neutrals of black and charcoal set the tone and pair well with fall’s more colourful fashion hues, which include blue, wine, plum, magenta, green, goldenrod, orange, blush pink, teal and turquoise. Popular patterns include glen check, geometric, floral, snake and animal prints.

“Strong individual (clothing) pieces that are easily layered play the main role for fall, with many styles highlighted by modern asymmetrical shapes, high-tech materials, neoprene, glossy finishes and faux fur trim,” says Giuliana Athans, the owner of Moda di Giuliana.

“A key piece is the indoor-outdoor coat, which replaces the blazer as a fashion statement,” notes Athans. Wear indoor-outdoor coats over skirts, dresses, pants and jeans to express your style.

Other fall must-haves include oversized sweaters, bomber jackets, boot-cut trousers, soft flowing pants and midi length skirts and culottes.

"An indoor-outdoor coat, paired with coordinating slim pants, makes a stylish, colourful statement. The outfit is by Laurel and is available at Moda Di Giuliana."

lifestyle magazine online london

“Wide-legged pants and culottes are already popular with our customers who find them comfortable and easy to dress up and down with a simple change of tops and accessories,” says Marian Bentley of Sara Sohan in Cherryhill Village Mall.

Pair culottes with boots to lay the groundwork for almost anything you’re likely to wear this fall.

Slim pants and body skimming skirts, tops, tunics and dresses hold currency, but slightly more voluminous silhouettes in pants, skirts and other fashions are also growing in importance.

“Pull-on pants with a tie-waist and straight or tapered legs made of soft, flowing fabrics like brushed poly are stylish, versatile, and a great starting point for any fashionable fall wardrobe,” says Sharpe.

“Wear tie-waisted pants with traditional tapered blazers and new, oversized sweaters and jackets with roomier silhouettes to create softly suited looks,” advises Sharpe.

Boot-cut and flared jeans round out the bottom line on pants, but if you’d rather skirt the issue, midi, maxi and mini lengths cover the long and short of it.

“Along with boot-cut trousers … mini-skirts and dresses reminiscent of the styles of the 1960s are among fall’s key looks,” says Athans.

Colour blocking and drop waistlines highlight ’60s-inspired dresses and tops.

Tops and dresses with asymmetric shapes and diagonal high-low hemlines remain stylish, as do long, pleated skirts.

Style seekers may also take pleasure in clothing and accessories featuring crochet knit, lace and fringed trim.

Express your individual style with scarves, layered necklaces, oversized hoop earrings and pearl jewelry, which may be combined with metals and other materials for an updated look.