Rates & Specs


Lifestyle Magazine is produced in a Macintosh Desktop Environment. We are pleased to offer FREE ad design and ONE SET OF CHANGES to all clients booking ads. If further changes are required, our designers will be happy to do this and the rate will be $30/hour. If extra charges are incurred, they will be added to client billing.


Please be sure that ad material is well researched, with a mock-up, vector logos and images that are 300dpi for print advertising. This will help ensure that the design process is accomplished in the most efficient manner.


All printing is produced computer-to-plate using web offset printing. Advertisers are to provide electronic files meeting dMACS standards (www.magazinescanada.ca/advertising/production/dmacs_specifications). All supplied ads should be sent to either: nancygreenfield@rogers.com OR reidwendy@primus.ca


are available in 1/2, 2/3 and full page sizes. Rates are per display ads (shown below). Please contact your sales representative for further details.


File should always be built in Process. (CMYK or specific PMS colour). Predominantly black areas must use the following ratio: C-30, M-30, Y-30, K-100.


Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat. Non-Macintosh applications require that all type be converted to outlines.


(Macintosh environment) • Email • WeTransfer/Dropbox/ Google Drive • Press-ready Adobe PDF • 133 lpi

lifestyle magazine online london

Full Page Bleed: 8.125"w x 10.75"h
plus .187" on all sides
Within margins: 7.25"w x 9.88"h

lifestyle magazine online london

2/3 vertical: 4.69"w x 9.88"h
1/12 square: 2.19"w x 2.31"h
1/6 vertical: 2.19"w x 4.81"h
1/3 vertical: 2.19"w x 9.88"h

lifestyle magazine online london

1/4 vertical: 3.5"w x 4.81"h
1/3 square: 4.69"w x 4.81"h
1/2 horizontal: 7.25"w x 4.81"h

lifestyle magazine online london

1/6 horizontal: 4.69"w x 2.31"h
1/2 modified: 4.69"w x 7.25"h
1/5 horizontal: 4.69"w x 3.06"h
2/5 vertical: 4.69"w x 6.65"h

lifestyle magazine online london

1/3 horizontal: 7.25"w x 3.06"h
2/3 horizontal: 7.25"w x 6.56"h

Size4 - 6x1 - 3x

Full page$2,380$2,585

2/3 page$1,695$1,800

1/2 page$1,230$1,270

2/5 page$1,050$1,150

1/3 page$900$995

1/4 page$675$740

1/5 page$615$720

1/6 page$450$495

1/12 page$250$270

Outside Back Cover$2,650$2,890

Inside Front Cover$2,570$2,800

Inside Back Cover$2,525$2,760