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Time to Pull Out Your Jeans

As leaves tumble to the ground and morning frost greets us, it is time to swap out our shorts for jeans and tank tops for denim button-down shirts.

Heavier versions of this ever-popular fabric are made for the fall, when cooler temperatures enable us to layer a pair of jeans or a denim skirt with a sweater – topped off with a denim jacket thrown over the shoulders.

There are different styles of denim jeans to suit all body types, regardless of age or gender, that can be paired with virtually any - thing. You can easily dress up or dress down a pair of denim jeans. This autumn, 1970s-inspired trends – bootcut and wide-leg jeans – are back and here to stay.

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Faded Skinny

Additionally, this season we will be teleporting back to the 90s to reunite with Friends favourite Monica Geller’s straight leg denim jeans. These trends – along with newer, more relaxed versions, like skater and baggy jeans – are meant to give us style in comfort. We can expect the silhouettes to appear in both light wash blue and faded black, as they make their way down Gucci and Versace runways and onto the shelves of local retailers.

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Dark Denim

Given denim’s durability and versatility, garments made with this fabric have a decades-long lifespan. It is being embraced as a sustainable fabric by those who reject fast fashion habits. Favourite denim garments can be passed down from generation to generation, which makes them timeless pieces with sentimental value.

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The Boyfriend Jeans

It is time to dust off that pair of jeans buried in the back of your closet and pair it with a favourite t-shirt, sparkly sweater or silk blouse to let them live another day.

"Discover new bootcut styles and longer inseams that will perfectly transition from heeled sandals to combat boots. Expect versatile washes, like Italian indigo and waxy black finish."

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Made from denim and a mix of materials, the Perfect Match Skirt comes from Dorothee Schumacher.

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These Ali high-rise cigarette jeans, by Frame, have a turned back hem for an undone feel.

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Be comfortable and stylish in Marella tomboy studded front jeans.

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Inspiration for the cut of Frame’s Le High skinny jeans came from 1970s silhouettes.

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Lasting Love

No other garment is so universal that it is worn by people worldwide, from infancy to elder years. You have to love jeans for their versatility – good for almost any occasion – that range in price from $1 when sold in a thrift store or yard sale to $250,000 for the most expensive pair to be sold.

Serving as currency, they were sometimes traded behind the Iron Curtain when these desirable western garments were scarce during the Cold War era. They’ve been worn by everyone from miners to hippies and punkers to Presidents.

It all started during the California Gold Rush when merchant Levi Strauss sold indigo-coloured cloth to Jacob Davis, a tailor who made the soon-to-be-trademarked pants more durable by using gromets as fasteners.

The ever-popular fly-button Levi’s 501 style was patented in 1853 but when that patent expired in 1890, many others who are now almost as famous as the originator, jumped into the market, like Osh Kosh and Wrangler.

Because of their comfort and durability, they were adapted as work wear by miners, lumberjacks, railroad workers, farmers and ranchers. Movie cowboys, like John Wayne, were sporting them on screen and spreading their fame. Female stars – Ginger Rogers and Carol Lombard – wore them in publicity photos, raising the desirability of this utilitarian garment for women.

When Marlon Brando and James Dean donned them in movies, jeans became the wardrobe item of choice for the counterculture movement of the 1950s and 60s. Seen on legs strolling hippie strongholds, like Haight and Ashbury, flower children and rockers made them a must-have item for teens.

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But jeans moved to the other side of the tracks in the 1970s, when haute couture designers Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein started producing high-fashion versions. Every U.S. President since Jimmy Carter has been photographed wearing jeans.

Though the name for our favourite fabric is derived from European roots – Serge de Nimes, the French town that claims the fame of originating denim – jeans have a proud North American heritage that has spread across the world and can be seen on the legs and backs of people in nearly every country.

Jeans and related garments have undergone many changes over the years, as cut and colours have adapted to the times. No other type of fashion enjoys such universal love.