button down shirt
Another effortless dress-up/dress-down item is the button-down shirt.

Polish Your Paris Style cool

Cool, collected, refined, understated –
some of the words that help define French style. But more than that, it’s the ineffable look of ‘not trying.’ To reflect this timeless charm, ‘not trying’ to be elegant is the sum of its classic elegance.

It’s easier to say what it’s not: not loud, not colourful, not brash but not demure, either. Its boldness is exhibited in a reserved confidence. Carrying oneself with an assurance that allows one to mix casual and dressy pieces for both day and evening. Slow fashion is very French, summed up in knowing your worth and buying fewer quality garments over cheaply made, trendy items.

When putting some Paris into your wardrobe, arm your closet with a selection of these French-forward pieces.

woman wearing silk scarf

silk scarf
The Silk Scarf - nothing says French style more than the neck-tied silk scarf.

woman in classic blazer
The Classic Blazer - classic blazers can be worn with jeans, slacks, skirts, shorts or on their own (if you dare).

woman wearing sunglasses
Sunglasses - Jackie O might have defined sunglasses for a generation in North America, but where do you think she got them?

woman in little black dress
The Little Black Dress - right for any occasion, the LBD is one of France's greatest contributions to fashion.

woman in stripeped shirt
Bold Stripes - perhaps the most maligned fashion statement, stripes can be worn by anyone.

white t shirt
The White T-Shirt - worn year-round, with jeans and a blazer or with a skirt and scarf, the little white t-shirt is a must-have.

woman wearing cardigan
The Cardigan - what would you do without a cardigan? Perfect on planes, for the office when the air conditioning is running overtime or in autumn when temps plummet.

white tennis shoes
White Tennis Shoes - a newer addition to the must-have list, white tennis shoes completement dresses, trousers, jeans and shorts.

oxford shoes
Oxfords - Spectator Oxfords run a close second to white tennis shoes in their versatility and comfort.

woman in button down shirt
Button Down Shirt - another effortless dress-up/dress-down item is the button-down shirt.

woman in wide leg jeans
Wide Leg Jeans - Nothing defines casual elegance like the right pair of jeans.

woman cardigan coat
The Coatigan - Paris, France or Paris, Ontario - keep autumn's chill at bay with a coatigan.

woman holding cross body bag
The Cross-Body Bag - large or small, keep your hands free with a cross-body bag.

woman wearing leather jacket
The Leather Jacket - say 'oui' to a little black leather jacket.

woman wearing turtleneck
The Turtleneck - worn baggy over leggings or tidy with a belt and a skirt, a turtleneck is always right in autumn.

ankle boot
The Ankle Boot

tall boot
The Tall Boot - Boots, boots or boots - can you really have enough?

woman in cashmere sweater
The Cashmere Sweater - your skin will thank you for this cashmere sweater.

lady with tote bag

tote bag
The Tote Bag - Treat yourself to a fine leather tote to take to the airport or the office.

ballet flats
Ballet Flats - be a ballerina every day in ballet flats for happy feet.

woman wearing faux fur
Faux Fur - buy some fur - but not real fur, that's cruel - faux is fine.

woman wearing fedora hat
The Fedora - to keep the mystery alive or the sun off, a fedora is the perfect accessory.