Spa like the stars

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"...a tonic for the soul..."

A trip to the spa is always a luxurious thing. Being pampered and fussed over a bit is such a tonic for the soul in our busy world. But a trip to the spa that results in real change to one’s appearance was an experience that I was totally on board with.

At DermEffects, carbon peel, or Lutronic Spectra (laser) peel, is just one of several sophisticated treatments offered that goes deeper than regular facials. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Hollywood peel,’ it is said that the stars often use this treatment in the weeks leading up to an important appearance, like the Oscars.

Laser technician/medical esthetician Chassidy Pazitny cleansed my face and then advised that I’d be wearing eye protection as she’d be using a sophisticated laser to work the Spectra lotion into my face. True to its carbon moniker, it’s black and made of a blend of microscopic carbon particles and mineral oils.

Pazitny explained that the “Spectra peel is a powerful, controllable, yet gentle protocol that allows for complete clinical management of the skin rejuvenation process for a wide range of indications and skin types, like inflammatory acne, post-acne redness, large pores, skin rejuvenation/photo damaged skin, fine wrinkles, seborrheic skin (yellow/oily skin), post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and melisma.”

She applied the lotion and then used the Spectra Lutronic laser to work it into my skin. I did feel some heat as the laser was being used but not to an uncomfortable level. There is also a snapping noise associated with the laser.

Pazitny has worked in the medical and cosmetic spa industry for more than two decades and was knowledgeable about the results that I might see after one treatment, as “three to five treatments between two and four weeks apart are recommended for optimum results.”

After the single treatment, my skin felt softer and smoother. Some of the fine lines that bother me were less noticeable as well. I received a couple of compliments during the day on how fresh my skin looked (unsolicited), so I think results were definitely notable.

The stars think this is the way to go, and I tend to agree.