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New technology offers painless solution

At 33, Jared Page is happy that he’s found a solution to his thinning hair. “I’ve always been considered a good-looking guy, and I don’t want to have to shave it all off,” he says. The paramedic noticed “significant thinning in the crown and hairline areas” of his head, and his beard is patchy. Page says that he started losing hair in his 20s and feels he has “male pattern baldness.”

Happily, he discovered TED, not a person but a treatment at Artistic Esthetic Spa that is both painless and productive. TED stands for Trans Epidermal Delivery and it’s a machine that delivers stimulation and nutrients to the scalp through sound waves and air pressure.

According to Charlene Jones, spa co-owner, the treatments each take about 30 minutes and start with the technician prepping a small 2” x 3” area of the scalp. They usually treat up to four or five areas, usually the hairline, crown and area between. The technician does this with the hand control of the TED machine, which gently

massages each area to prepare for the treatment. Afterward, the intensity levels of the machine are raised, and a syringe of growth serum is added to the delivery wand. The machine’s motion “penetrates the scalp and plants the serum into the follicles,” says Jones.

Jones says this “stimulates hair growth to produce stronger, healthier, thicker hair.” Since he dislikes the stigma attached to going bald, Page is pleased to see “more hair on the top of my head. I see a lot less scalp,” he chuckles. So far, he has had two treatments as of writing, with a third one upcoming.

Jones says that best results are achieved with three treatments done one month apart but results can be seen a couple of weeks after the first treatment. “The results are ongoing,” says Jones, “because they will continue to see hair growth for six months or more afterward.”

Page wears a beard, but it is sparse in places, so the treatments were done to it as well, and he’s also seen good results on his face. Jones says that annual follow-up treatments are recommended to ensure that hair continues to grow. Paul (not his real name), a 46-year-old medical professional, has received three treatments and has scheduled his fourth one because he’s happy with the results.

Having tried different types of treatments for his receding hairline and thinning crown, including painful ones like PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections, Paul has noticed less shedding. “I’m not seeing hair in the shower or on the pillow anymore; it has dramatically decreased.”

Along with making his scalp healthier so he loses less hair, he’s also noticed it is thicker with new growth around his hairline. “I can’t see the crown but my barber, who has cut my hair for 24 years, noticed a difference on the crown with more growth and thicker hair.”

Paul is insecure about his hair loss and didn’t want his name used for this story, but he feels that this is giving him a solution with which he’s comfortable.

"TED stands for Trans Epidermal Delivery and it's a machine that delivers stimulation and nutrients to the scalp through sound waves and air pressure."

In these pictures, supplied by the TED machine’s manufacturer Alma, improved hair regrowth is shown. The images on the left were taken during their assessment sessions, while those on the right were taken one month after the last treatment. The woman in the top pictures received three treatments; the man in the lower pictures received one.

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“The PRP treatments can cause trauma to the scalp. With TED there was no trauma (to the scalp) or soreness or swelling afterwards,” he adds. Women also experience thinning hair, notes Jones, and can also benefit from TED treatments. “During and after menopause many women notice hair loss or thinning,” she explains.

“Also, their eyebrows can thin or become patchy. It can be especially bad for people who heavily tweezed their eyebrows in earlier years.” She says that TED can be used to treat this as well. “Many will appreciate that they don’t have to do tattooing or microblading to have nice eyebrows.”

Good candidates for treatment – male or female – are those with thinning hair but not complete baldness. “If the follicles are ‘dead’ – they aren’t functioning with no small hairs visible in that area – TED may not help them.” She says that clients experiencing hair loss from cancer treatments or hormonal hair loss due to pregnancy aren’t good candidates “because their hair will grow back naturally. These are temporary conditions.”

In London, TED treatments are presently only available at Artistic Esthetic Spa. They’ve been treating people since the beginning of 2023.