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"Beauty from the inside out"

in the middle of February, statistically the saddest time of the year, Pauline Halstead found herself having the time of her life.

As the winner of Lifestyle Magazine’s Beat the Winter Blahs contest, she enjoyed a shopping spree at Hangar9, a complete hair and make-up makeover at Salon Entrenous and her own photo shoot at Michael’s on the Thames Restaurant.

More people experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in February, with its shorter days and cold weather, than any other month, so it was the perfect time to launch the Beat the Winter Blahs contest. Lifestyle Magazine wants to thank those who took part in the contest.

The winner, Pauline Halstead, is 61 years old, single and starting a new career. She taught elementary school, commuting to the Toronto area for several years from her home here in London that she’s been renovating over the four and half years that she’s owned it.

She’s launching her business – Sprouting World – and is excited to be able to combine her twin passions: teaching and helping others eat healthier to feel and look better. As an entrepreneur, Halstead felt she needed a new look. “I’ve been on the ground playing with children for years, so my wardrobe wasn’t important. I never paid a lot of attention to coordinating things when I shopped; I didn’t really know what to buy.”

First stop was a session in FI (fashion intelligence) with Jo-Ann Fisher at Hangar9. Halstead explained her need for practical clothes and her penchant for being outdoors. (During the summer months she teaches kayaking and canoeing for a nonprofit group called Abilities in Motion.)

Fisher guided her through the process of choosing good quality clothes that work together to make several outfits, flatter her petite frame, highlight her light colouring, complement her personality and fit with her active lifestyle.

Next was a consultation with Lisa Sallabank, owner of Salon Entrenous. “Pauline loves her (hair) colour, so we didn’t want to change it, and she wanted a very low maintenance hair style.” The bob that Sallabank created for Halstead fits the bill, as she says it will grow out well, only needing a trim every two months or so, with a bang trim in between cuts.

"Contest winner enjoys makeover experience"

lifestyle magazine online london

Though many women in their sixth decade of life choose to eliminate grey hair, Sallabank applauds Halstead’s maintaining her original colour. “If it’s a great colour of grey and you’re comfortable with it, that’s great,” she says, adding there are techniques that enable those who are tired of colouring their hair to help it grow out gracefully. She adds that “consultations are complimentary in case you’re not sure what you want to do with your hair.”

Cindy Dawson, aesthetician and make-up artist at Salon Entrenous, heard Halstead’s concerns about being able to apply make-up quickly in a life filled with the new demands of her growing business. The number one product she uses and recommends is Lise Watier Portfolio Professional Corrector, as she says concealers are the most important element in successful makeup for the aging face.

Dawson adds that the way to achieve the best look “for mature skin is to use a good moisturizer, concealer and crème foundation, so that you don’t get a cakey look.”

Then it was off to Michael’s on the Thames for the photo shoot, an experience that Halstead feels she could get used to: “I feel like a princess or a cat from all this petting,” she says. She also notes that the makeover experience has made her appreciate that making an effort with hair, make-up and clothes has a positive impact on one’s confidence.

“It’s scary starting a new venture,” says Halstead, “so this (makeover) came just at the right time. I had no idea it was going to be such an incredible experience.”