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"Acupuncturists offer solutions to health and beauty dilemmas"

Acupuncture treatment to deal with pain and other ailments has been around for decades in North America, but its use for cosmetic purposes has been gaining in popularity.

At Innercore Health, registered acupuncturist Dr. Ken Hou says an increasing number of people are coming in for cosmetic and overall wellness reasons.

Hou says acupuncture stimulates blood flow and water retention to the face so it’s a good option to reduce wrinkles.

“Although the effects aren’t as drastic as Botox, they provide a more natural look. It can also stimulate collagen production, which will firm up the skin.”

He explains that acupuncture – in which needles are inserted into specific points on the body – helps to restore balance.

The procedure can reduce swelling and inflammation, which is why it’s effective at controlling pain.

Registered acupuncturist Noel Wright says easing pain is the number one reason clients see her. Studies show acupuncture increases the body’s production of endorphins and serotonin.

Before Wright begins treatment, she completes an overall health assessment of her clients.

“That gives me a whole picture of where the person is out of balance. Chinese medicine can treat the whole person for a lot of different things.”

Insomnia is also treatable with acupuncture. She says there are different kinds of insomnia that must be considered.

“We want to balance … and that helps to treat the insomnia. It’s very individualized.”

For people who can’t shut off their brains at night, Wright says the spleen is the organ associated with overthinking.

“Is your spleen qi (vital energy) deficient? Is there a lot of dampness in your body because the spleen doesn’t like dampness? Things that cause dampness are cold, raw foods, for one.”

So, diet would come into play too, she says.

Hou says acupuncture can also calm anxiety.

“Sometimes people just want help relaxing and acupuncture is a very useful tool.”

Hou is also a registered chiropractor.

“I always thought my practice would be chiropractic focused, but I’m finding I’m doing a lot more acupuncture lately as people are turning to alternative therapies to better their health.”