Face up to fall

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"Emerging treatment for aging skin"

Why not face up to fall by treating yourself to one of the most effective new anti- aging treatments?

Cosmetic surgery and medical injectable procedures administered by medical health practitioners remain popular and effective, but you may be happy to learn that there are new anti-aging treatments offering promising benefits with minimal downtime which may be as close as your local spa.

“Fall is an ideal time to turn back the clock with the latest rejuvenating spa treatments that can smooth out surface skin irregularities, tighten skin and help correct free radical skin damage and related issues, including dark sun spots that become more visible with age and sun exposure,” says Charlene Jones, an aesthetician and the co-owner of Artistic Spa.

According to Jones, a patented three-in-one system called Venus Viva, which is performed by specially trained aestheticians and laser technicians, is one of the most potent and exciting recently launched anti-aging treatments.

According to medical aesthetician and laser technician Jessica Campbell, who performs various skin care treatments at Artistic Esthetic Spa in London, there are multiple advantages to Venus Viva anti-aging treatments.

“It’s non-surgical, comfortable and effective, with minimal downtime and is safe for virtually all skin types to improve skin texture and tone by reducing the appearance of common concerns, including enlarged pores, scarring, fine lines and rosacea,” says Campbell.

According to Campbell, Venus Viva tightens the look of the skin and stimulates new collagen synthesis and fibroblast growth in the dermis, stimulating the skin to naturally and gradually fill in fine lines and other areas of uneven texture for two to three months following each treatment.

“The Venus Viva three-in-one system is customized to each individual client’s needs and combines skin resurfacing to gently ablate the skin to a controlled depth with Nano Fractional Radio Frequency,” says Campbell.

Depending on the extent of the area(s) treated, the entire process generally takes less than an hour and uses a special micro-needling hand held device which slightly damages skin cells, causing them to heal themselves by stimulating new collagen growth.

“Following a Venus Viva treatment, I infuse the treated skin with a non-embryonic stem cell solution to aid the skin in healing and reversing signs of aging,” says Campbell.

For most clients, a series of two to four Venus Viva treatments are recommended, with follow up maintenance as required.