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Long and lovely, this look showcases natural hair complemented by soft caramel hues and enhanced with Hair Flair extensions.

Hair Hibernates No More

As we emerge from our enforced late winter/early spring cocoons, one of the people you’ve most missed may have been your stylist.

lifestyle magazine online london
The staff at Maria Bikas Salon displays colourful tresses.

Summer hair trends will be driven by the spirit of the 1970s, 80s and early 90s, according to Maria Bikas of the Maria Bikas Salon. She predicts that a free-flowing, Bohemian attitude will be reflected in soft curls and wispy fringes – giving a 70s vibe, while the more structured, gender-neutral looks of the 80s will also be popular.

lifestyle magazine online london
Chic and cheerful, subtle colour complements the strong structure of a long bob.

Colour choices abound with smoky amethyst, various hues of pink and pastel gemstone tones will enhance the retro vibe, says Bikas. She adds that another popular direction for colour is toward soft gingery caramel hues coupled with buttery brunette shades for those that crave a modern look with minimal upkeep. Grey and silver tones were gaining popularity before the lockdown, and, according to Bikas, several months of not being able to visit salons has escalated this trend.

lifestyle magazine online london
Fans of Prince’s Purple Rain will love this violet haze created with the L’Oréal Glow line

“As a result of COVID isolation, many women are choosing to stop colouring their hair and let the grey show through. We will help women enhance their natural beauty and limit time in the salon – perhaps only coming in twice yearly. Low lights with natural grey coming through can still make your look fun but eliminate the need to be in salon every four to five weeks.”

lifestyle magazine online london
With a hint of silvery grey, this look is gaining ground as more women embrace their natural colour. Placement of colour by a good stylist is key to the success of this natural look.

Being safe while at the salon is a factor for both stylists and clients, acknowledges Bikas. “People in our industry have been doing a lot of professional development in the past months,” she says. With virtual workshops on hygiene and cleaning techniques being offered by manufacturers, professionals in the aesthetics industry are receiving new education and are being tested and certified in safe practices.

“There’s a COVID-19 special test that’s mandatory,” she adds. Some changes you may see at your salon could include: limited service times, limited number of stylists with empty chairs separating stations in larger salons, more intense cleaning of surfaces between clients, mandatory paperwork regarding client health status, stylists wearing masks or shields and clients being asked or required to wear masks. Also, your temperature may be taken when entering a salon. Hair washing and blow drying may be temporarily suspended, as well.

At time of writing, salons and spas are not able to open but when the time comes, Bikas feels that stylists will be ready to eagerly welcome clients and serve them within the new guidelines.

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