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Phase 2 in 2022

Space to breathe, places to play, natural expanses to explore. These are just some of the benefits attracting home buyers to Talbotville Meadows.

“With a need for a deeper connection to nature, prominent across today’s market, as well as outdoor amenities and more space, we felt the time was right to create a community with spacious lots and nature at the doorstep,” says Jim Bujouves, president of Farhi Developments.

The neighbourhood, nestled in the village of Talbotville just northwest of St. Thomas, is bordered by a natural creek and ravine, with mature trees and trails.

It will incorporate more than 28 acres of parkland and open spaces. Two baseball diamonds and two soccer fields, open to the community, are now being finalized.

A 3.4-acre nature pond will foster native flora and fauna. The 118-acre site will see 333 single-family homes and 138 street and cluster town homes constructed over four phases.

The single-family lots are spacious at 55 feet wide on average and a minimum 140 feet in depth, Bujouves says, noting that most exceed that with many ravine lots more than 170 feet deep.

The oversize lots allow for the construction of good-size homes, says Andrew Dawe, owner of Halcyon Homes, one of seven builders in the development.

“That’s what people want these days – bigger homes with offices and gyms and larger back yards.” Bujouves says Farhi Developments was “very strategic” in choosing its building partners.

“We wanted to be very eclectic and thoughtful in the selection of the builders we are promoting as part of our brand and marketing strategy,” he says. “They each showcase a unique style and differentiate themselves by design-build form and craftsmanship best-in-class, innovative layouts, use of new materials and emergent technologies.

We work with each one to let their creativity shine.”

Seven builders offer a wide range of sizes, types and styles of homes in the Talbotville Meadows development.

“It is a great privilege to be part of this team and community,” says Phillip Alves, president of Woodfield Design + Build. “We are a custom builder with a passion for creating homes that make a statement and beautiful, functional spaces that are highly personalized.”

These distinctive styles are integral to another key feature of Talbotville Meadows – its diverse façade. “We want to stay away from cookie- cutter homes,” Bujouves says. That goal was exemplified by the process of allocating lots. “We chose not to allow builders to have more than two adjacent lots so that we had a highly differentiated look and feel.”

Halcyon’s Dawe appreciates this and even takes it a step further. “Our goal is to make every one of our homes look different,” he says. “We don’t want to put the same siding or trim package on the exterior. We have a lot of options to choose from.”

Bujouves says that Talbotville Meadows is attracting buyers at all stages of life. It appeals to young families – who are excited about the spacious lots, amenities, trails and ponds – as well as retirees, who want a peaceful retreat from the city.

For the latter, he says the location offers the best of two worlds, big-city benefits and small-town serenity. It’s just a 20-minute drive to London and five minutes from St. Thomas, with close proximity to major highways. The response has been so positive that most Phase One lots are taken. Servicing is being initiated for the planned launch of Phase Two in spring 2022.

This phase will include construction on a commercial block, with busi-nesses designed to meet the needs of the development and the Talbotville community. Bujouves is confident that attracting new residents will result in general business growth for the town and surrounding area.

Both the township and local resi-dents have welcomed the new neigh-bourhoods, and Farhi Developments has fostered ongoing communication with neighbours. They have even created an exclusive web portal to allow them to keep up with the community’s evolution.

“In every community that we build, we strive to maintain cordial and transparent communications,” Bujouves says. “At the end of the day, a development does not work without community engagement.”

"We chose not to allow builders to have more than two adjacent lots, so that we had a highly differentiated look and feel."


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